System Integration & Cloud Architecture.

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Huguso is a System Integration and Cloud Computing Consulting Company.

Let our team of software architects help you execute system integrations and utilize the cloud to drive your business forward.

Our Services

Cloud Security

As you plan your move to the cloud, we will work together to ensure your architecture implements security best-practices. We have experience setting up a secure connection from your datacenter to the cloud, isolating your workloads in the public cloud, setting up firewalls and real-time threat protection software.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous integration & deployment reduces the time from idea to shipping a feature that customers can take advantage of. The cloud enables you to cheaply set up a test and production environment and automate your integration and testing processes.


Our engineers can help you as you execute your migration to the cloud. We'll work with you to identify the cloud-ready workloads and keep your services running during the migration. We have expertise with Microsoft, Oracle and Linux workloads.